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Migration and Displacement Needs Assessment Report 2023: Launching & Dissemination Event

Migration and Displacement Needs Assessment Report 2023: Launching & Dissemination Event

MRC with support from the Italian Red Cross (ItRC) and the International Federation for Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), conducted a Migration and Displacement Needs Assessment in 2022. The assessment aimed to identify the barriers migrants face in accessing basic services, recognize key service providers, and understand the overall needs of migrants in the Maldives. The event focused on sharing these findings and fostering collaboration among stakeholders to enhance support services for migrants.

The Migration and Displacement Needs Assessment event commenced with a welcome speech by the MRC Secretary General, Ms. Fathimath Himya. This was followed by introductory remarks from Italian Red Cross Head of Migration, Ms. Francesca Basile. The chief guest, Interim UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Bradley J. Busetto, then addressed the attendees, leading to the official launch of the Migration and Displacement Needs Assessment Report. Following the launch, the report's key findings and recommendations were presented. The event concluded with an interactive panel discussion on improving accessibility to essential services for migrants.

The event saw participation from high-level representatives and technical staff from government agencies, international organizations, partner organizations, and civil society organizations.

The inauguration of the report marked a crucial step towards creating a resilient, healthy, and inclusive community for migrants and displaced persons in the Maldives.

In the first week of May 2024, along with a Migration Practitioner ToT-refresher, the first ever Migration Practitioner training in MRC was also carried out with the support of ItRC. The Migration Practitioner training consisted of components such as PSS, RFL, PGI, HSPs and more in the context of migration and displacement in the Maldives. 19 participants consisting of MRC volunteers and staff, and representatives of CSOs working closely with MRC in supporting migrants joined the training